17 October 2014

Welcome to the new Old Bicycle Showroom.

Welcome to the new Old Bicycle Showroom website. You may have noticed a lack of activity on the old website. This was due to implementing a completely new way of advertising our ever changing bicycle stock and to encompass our growing commission sales service too. The old ecommerce platform was becoming like many old bicycles; It was worn out, time consuming and expensive to keep on the road!

So we now have pleasure in introducing you to the brand new site which makes use of modern day technology and will be a lot easier and less time consuming to operate. But the main change to the Old Bicycle Showroom is the way we advertise our stock. No longer will stock be advertised on the website, but instead; it will be advertised via "THE STOCK LIST". A simple email posted out every 2 weeks with our full inventory. If you see an item of interest on the list. Just reply to the email and let us know of the item that tickles your fancy and we can then provide you with more information. To become a member of The Stock List, just CLICK HERE.