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24 November 2014

Le Tour De Goodwood - 2013

Goodwood, has established itself in the south of England as the place to go for horse racing, the Rolls Royce factory, and most notably for the events of the Festival or Speed and the Revival which are centred on historic and modern motorcars, motorcycles & aviation. The Revival has particular interest to me because the whole event is staged in the pre-1966 era and encapsulates the people and the movement that is; the vintage scene.

Some 160,000  people descend upon Goodwood every September for this annual weekend of vintage style. They make the pilgrimage from the world over to soak up the ambiance of a previous era and to indulge in vintage fashion, classic motor racing and aerial displays by classic fighter aircraft.

I have been part of the Goodwood Revival for the past 10 years, with a little vintage bicycle shop. A pop up version of my own office and showroom here in deepest Essex. I de-camp to Goodwood for every Revival, and at the beginning of 2013, I had a call from them. “We want to celebrate the Tour de France, and you’re the man to do it”. At the end of the conversation, I found myself as the curator of Le Tour De Goodwood, with a task of finding 80 period clothed cyclists with pre-66 racing bicycles and suitable vintage support vehicles.

Starting with a launch at the Goodwood motorsport press day, I then made trips to France, Italy and Belgium to spread the word, followed by lots of correspondence back and forth to participants and Goodwood. A plan slowly came together and was capped off, by tracking down a collection of original vintage  'Le Caravanne' advertising vehicles from a Tour De France collection in Brittany. The hard work bared fruit on the morning of the 13th September 2013 when I opened the doors of my French bicycle shop; the ‘Bicyclette D’Aubigny’. Built from scratch by the team at Goodwood (of which I would like to thank Julius Thurgood for its finishing details); it formed the centre of a French town square, which gave the feeling that, Le Tour had stopped at Goodwood. Everyone involved entered into the French spirit, all of which was captured beautifully by photographer, Joe Mcgorty. Joe introduced himself to me at the start of the event and said he wanted to photograph the occasion. These are the results and I felt I had to share them. on The Old Bicycle Showroom magazine.

Richard Hoffner of Le Velographe
Some films that give a flavour of the event.

The Goodwood Revival takes place every September and more information can be found on the Goodwood website.

Joe Mcgorty is a professional photographer and amongst his more notable portraits are the likes of John Hurt, David Sushet, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Vincent Cassel, Timothy Everest and Audrey Tautou. His website can be found here including the gallery of the rest of the Goodwood Tour de France celebrations.

20 November 2014

Cycling Profiles - Mr Mark Fairhurst - Cycling Artist.

What is it that makes the humble bicycle so evocative to artists? Right from the very beginnings of the bicycle, it has always been portrayed with freedom and flair; not just in photographs, but posters, postcards and advertising too. Bicycles take you on a simple journey. A journey of escapism, to a place that could be a race, a far-away place; where the descents are long and the climbs are short, a cafe in Tuscany or an English pub with the finest of ale. Artists have always wanted to capture that freedom and the good news is; the humble bicycle and cycling are here to stay and artists will continue to follow along.

One such artist is Mark Fairhurst. I stumbled across one of his images a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. As you can see, his work has a timeless look, an art deco - art nouveau style which harks back to early advertising posters, which are still very much admired the world over.  

Mark started out a photographer, and during a rather slack period of work, he started drawing cartoons and discovered he rather enjoyed it. A chum suggested he put one of his drawings for all to see on twitter and from then on, the world and his wife wanted more, but more importantly, they wanted to buy his artwork, so he obliged. But it was in the summer 2012 when things really changed for Mark. Bradley Wiggins was the first Brit to win the Tour De France and London hosted the Olympics and with cycling in Britain suddenly at the forefront, Mark’s work started to gain international interest and his work now adorns walls as far away as china. 

I first met Mark at a lavish launch of the Tweed Run in London where the cocktails flowed rather too much, but as the evening went on, we chatted more about the growing world of retro cycling and I can’t help but think, that Mark’s artwork came at just at the right time.  
Much has happened since then; with Mark's work being spotted by Sky Sports, who featured his work in their 2014 Tour De France special series, he also provided unique work for Chris Froome and his book ‘The Climb’ and then the not so glamorous admiration of, “pictures in the loos in The Woolpack, for the TV series Emmerdale” . He also has a book coming out next year with Bloomsbury Publishing. 

Talent comes in many forms, and all of us have an element of it simmering beneath our sometimes harsh exterior. Dig deep and you might find it. Mark Fairhurst did!

Images courtesy and Copyright of Mark Fairhurst.
See and buy Marks work at:www.zeitgeistimages.co.uk